Our mission is to excel in the understanding and use of technology needed to support our clients’ needs, while at the same time considering and anticipating future growth and development within the technology industry and within our clients’ unique environments.

Our Mission

King Technologies, Inc.

Connecting the World with Exceptional Networking Services.

About Us

King Technologies was incorporated in February, 1987 and is registered with and authorized to conduct business in the State of California.  We are recognized as a small business by State and Federal standards and, as such, we can maintain our focus on providing exceptional service, with expert level knowledge and skills.


Our President/CEO, Larry Matthews, possesses over 30 years of education and experience, positioning our company as one with stand-out leadership in design, implementation, administration, hands-on experience, and customer service. 


Our engineering experts have a diverse background, coming to us from both military service and the corporate sector.  Kings’ engineering expertise is complimented by a culture focused on customer satisfaction and a commitment to excellence to ensure value from project conception to delivery, and beyond with system maintenance, administration and training. 


King Technologies keeps itself on the forefront of local and wide area network computing technology.  The company also tailors and integrates commercial off-the-shelf solutions to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients.


Our highly qualified team has significant operational experience and knowledge of military tactics and command structure, enabling them to quickly establish an immediate and professional rapport with command center personnel and work unobtrusively to improve systems performance with minimal interruption of services and operations.


Our team has an expert level knowledge base of networking hardware, connections and wiring, and software functionality, enabling us to more quickly diagnose and resolve issues, perform installations and maintenance checks, and to intelligently discuss a systems design and problems with program directors, testing engineers, navy fleet personnel, as well as other government and contracted technicians and engineers, collaborating on the related projects.


3760 Sports Arena Blvd., Suite 12

San Diego, California 92110-5134

Phone:    619-523-4977

Fax:        619-523-8658

E-mail:    info@kingtech.com